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The Importance of Good Spine Health

The Importance of Good Spine Health

  • Physical Therapy in Islandia

Physical Therapy in Islandia

Good Spine Health

Spine-health is more important than many people realize. Having a healthy spine can affect your day in many positive ways, however, an unhealthy, weak spine can cause a lot of issues and put you through a lot of pain. If you are looking for physical therapy in Islandia, Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management can help you achieve a healthy spine! At our multi-disciplinary practice, we offer not only physical therapy but chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, and pain management to help keep your spine pain-free.

Benefits of Good Spine Health 

There are numerous benefits that come with a healthy spine. These benefits are:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Less tension in your shoulders and neck
  • Decreases risk of abdominal wearing of the joint surfaces
  • Reduce lower back pain
  • Appear taller
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Fewer Headaches
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Improved circulation and digestion
  • Reduced TMJ pain
  • Better form during workouts

As it is clear, your spine does not just affect your back, but it affects your whole body. This is why it’s essential to have good spine health. Our expert physical therapy in Islandia will help you reap these benefits!

How to Obtain Good Spine Health

Now that we know all of the wonderful benefits of having good spine health, let’s learn how to obtain good spine health. Some of the best ways to acquire a healthy spine are: 

  • Sleep on your side for optimal posture.
  • Exercise your core to strengthen abs and back muscles.
  • Wear shoes that support your spine.
  • Get massages.
  • Practice good ergonomics while sitting, however, limit total sitting time.

Poor Spine Health

Having poor spine health will result in an enormous amount of pain throughout your body. An unhealthy spine can lead to poor digestion, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, back pain, subluxations, and nerve contraction. To avoid all the negative effects of having poor spine health, visit our office of physical therapy in Islandia, and our staff will take care of you!

Physical Therapy in Islandia

Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management offer a variety of services that can help keep your spine healthy.  So, if you are trying to acquire or maintain good spine health, then book an appointment with us today. Our physical therapy in Islandia will get you on the right track to a healthy spine!