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What is Trigger Point Therapy?

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

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If you are suffering from severe or uncomfortable muscle pain, the culprit might just be trigger points: these are painful, tender points that form as a result of tense muscles. These are often so intense that you can feel them under the skin. And because these trigger points often occur close to nerves, they don’t just cause pain immediately surrounding them, but all throughout the body.

Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management can help by offering simple and relieving trigger point therapy in Suffolk County.

What Is Trigger Point Therapy?

During your trigger point therapy, our trained and nurturing health care professionals will ease the pain of your trigger points by targeting them directly. During the treatment, a small needle is inserted right into the source of the pain, where a safe injection renders the trigger point inactive so that it is no longer wreaking havoc on your body and your life. Often, the whole process takes only a few injections, and then you’ll be able to live your life unencumbered by pain and strife.

How Can Trigger Point Therapy Help You?

We offer trigger point therapy in Suffolk County in order to help you live pain-free. Trigger point therapy has been shown to be especially useful in treating the widespread muscle pain associated with fibromyalgia. It is also an effective solution if you suffer from chronic headaches due to tension. Or, for example, if you are dealing with myofascial pain due to issues with your muscle tissue, trigger point injections can help you too.

Trigger point injections can be useful all across the body. If you’re a fibromyalgia sufferer, you may need trigger point injections in a variety of locations due to the widespread nature of fibromyalgia pain. But if your pain is more localized, you can get your trigger point therapy just in the places where you need it most, such as your neck, legs, arms, or your back (the lower back especially is a big problem area).

If you’ve been suffering from pain, don’t wait a moment longer. We provide the finest trigger point therapy in Suffolk County, so you don’t have to sacrifice another day of your life to aching and discomfort.