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Can Poor Nutrition Cause Back Pain?

Can Poor Nutrition Cause Back Pain?

When it comes to back pain, the saying “you are what you eat” rings true. Fortunately, making a few adjustments to your diet and routine may alleviate discomfort. March is National Nutrition Month, and our back pain specialist in Bohemia would like to discuss the impact of poor nutrition on your back pain. At Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management, nutrition is an essential component for overall health. Continue reading to learn more!

Can Poor Nutrition Cause Back Pain?

The structures of your abdomen and lower back work to support your upper body and spinal alignment. As these areas may not get the essential nutrients required, their ability to naturally repair may diminish. To keep your back healthy and reduce pain, it’s vital to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Our back pain specialist in Bohemia can help you incorporate better-eating habits into your lifestyle and employ several pain management techniques to relieve any pressure and protect your spine from further damage. Here are some of the ways your nutrition can negatively impact your back:

  • Inflammation – Back pain is often a direct result of inflammation. Foods high in saturated fats, sugars, and white flour can trigger inflammation and lead to ongoing back pain. Reducing these foods can cut down inflammation and improve your back pain. 
  • Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis is a condition that has a tendency to compromise vertebrae in your spine, leading to pain as you age. You can slow this process by maintaining a good calcium intake and keeping your bones strong. 
  • Dehydration – Hydration is crucial for nearly every process your body performs and is especially important for your back health. The discs in your vertebrae are composed of mostly water, so staying hydrated can help keep this cushioning functioning as it should. 

On top of your diet, several other variables can contribute to your back pain. Fortunately, our back pain specialist in Bohemia is here to help. We’ll perform a complete evaluation to determine the root cause of your back pain and implement a comprehensive treatment to keep the bones and muscles in your back strong. 

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During National Nutrition Month, take charge of your wellness and start making changes to your diet to prevent avoidable back pain. Our team at Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management can help you find productive daily habits that keep your back healthy and happy. Be sure to contact us today to request an appointment with our back pain specialist in Bohemia.