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Preventing Injuries On The Field

Preventing Injuries On The Field

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Spring weather and spring sports are now in full swing, but injuries also tend to ramp up. At Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management, we offer physical therapy in Bohemia and provide valuable injury prevention tips and treatment to help our patients stay on the field and off the treatment table. Continue reading to discover some helpful spring sports safety tips. 

Preventing Injuries On The Field

Some athletes believe that injuries are an inevitable part of participating in sports. While it’s true that some injuries are beyond our control, the vast majority of sports injuries are preventable. Injury prevention is an essential component of physical therapy in Bohemia. Here are some helpful tips for preventing injuries on the field:

  • Warm Up – Taking extra time before a practice or game to stretch and warm up will loosen stiff muscles and increase your heart rate. Consistent warm-ups can help you prevent strains and other injuries on the field. 
  • Conditioning – Most spring sports injuries occur due to poor conditioning and muscle imbalances. If you’ve spent the winter season inactive, conditioning your body and training sports-specific muscle groups is vital for injury prevention. Ease into new activities slowly and build up lost fitness before diving into the season. 
  • Check equipment and field conditions – Before the season begins, make sure all of your gear is fitted properly and broken in before being used in practice or a game. Outdoor fields can be potentially hazardous, so inspecting the playing fields for uneven surfaces, debris, or divots is crucial. This can help decrease the risk of non-contact injuries like ACL tears or ankle sprains. 
  • Listen to your body – As a devoted athlete, you may try to push yourself to perform your best. Fatigued muscles increase your risk of injury and hinder any protective mechanisms in the body. Recognize when your muscles are fatigued and take recovery days. 

At Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management, our programs are structured to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. If you suffer an injury during the spring season, we’ll determine the best course of action to get you back on the field with your teammates. 

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The anticipated return of warm weather and spring sports is exciting for athletes and sports fans everywhere. By following these tips and participating in physical therapy in Bohemia, you can be ready for a safe and fun spring season. Be sure to contact Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management today to learn more and request an appointment!