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Physical Therapy in Islandia

Weightlifting Injuries And How You Can Prevent Them

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Whether you participate in weightlifting for exercise or sports performance, you are at risk for injury if certain movements are done improperly. It’s vital that you educate yourself on the correct lifting form for whatever exercise you’re doing. Equally as essential, understanding your limits and not exceeding a weight that you cannot handle may help prevent injury. At Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management, our physical therapy in Islandia can help treat an injury that you may have experienced while lifting at the gym. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our sports medicine experts. You should also consider researching possible triggers for weight lifting injuries.  

Back Pain

  • Physical Therapy in Islandia

Back pain is a common condition that many people suffer from. Although common, the severity and cause of back pain differ depending on the type that it is. At Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management, we offer physical therapy in Islandia that can help treat those who suffer from back pain.

There are many different types of back pain such as: