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Carpal Tunnel Treatment

  • pain management in Suffolk County

Do you experience numbness, tingling, or weakness in the hand? If you deal with these issues on a day to day basis you may want to consider scheduling an appointment for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment.  At Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management, we use proven and effective methods to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are seeking pain management in Suffolk County, our experienced team will be here to help you.  

Chronic Knee Pain: How Pain Management Can Help

  • Pain management in Suffolk County

Knee pain is a common medical issue that affects millions of people. It can be acute or chronic in nature and can stem from a large variety of causes, ranging from trauma to overexertion. If you are suffering from knee pain, it is important to see a medical professional for treatment in order to get back on your feet fast. If you are seeking pain management in Suffolk County, contact us at Spine and Sports Rehabilitation and pain management today!

What Are Trigger Point Injections?

  • Trigger point therapy in Suffolk County

Are you suffering from muscle pain? This can be caused by knots or trigger points that develop within your muscle. These trigger points can be extremely painful and can sometimes be hard to treat. However, a great way to manage trigger point pain is through trigger point injections. If you are suffering from trigger point pain, trigger point therapy in Suffolk County at Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management may be able to help.