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What Are Trigger Point Injections?

What Are Trigger Point Injections?

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Are you suffering from muscle pain? This can be caused by knots or trigger points that develop within your muscle. These trigger points can be extremely painful and can sometimes be hard to treat. However, a great way to manage trigger point pain is through trigger point injections. If you are suffering from trigger point pain, trigger point therapy in Suffolk County at Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management may be able to help.

Trigger Points: What Are They?

A trigger point is a tight or knotted muscle that can usually be felt under the skin. Since trigger points irritate the nerves around them, the result is pain when pressure is applied. This pain can be felt from other parts of the body. Trigger points are often located in the upper back and shoulders.

What Conditions Do Trigger Point Injections Treat?

Trigger point injections can be used to treat many conditions, including:

How Does Trigger Point Therapy in Suffolk County Help?

Trigger point injections relax muscles in spasm by delivering a mixture of medications that reduce inflammation. More importantly, the injection itself seeks to improve blood flow and promote proper healing throughout the area. Pain relief should be experienced not only at the injection site but also in the area of referred pain.

What Can You Expect During the Procedure?

During a trigger point injection, your physician will insert a small needle into the trigger point. This injection will contain medication, normally saline or a local anesthetic. The trigger point will be made inactive to alleviate the pain. This outpatient procedure usually takes 15 minutes while the patient is either sitting or lying down. These injections can be performed every one to two weeks over a several week period. However, sessions are usually limited to one every two months if they are performed as maintenance treatment.

How Can We Help?

Trigger point therapy in Suffolk County may be an extremely beneficial treatment for those suffering from chronic trigger point pain. Dr. Sudberg and his team at Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management are experienced with trigger point injections. Make your appointment today!