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The Importance Of Conditioning In The Off-Season

The Importance Of Conditioning In The Off-Season

How Can Sports rehabilitation on Long Island Help You?

With winter quickly coming to a close, the excitement levels for the spring sports season has undoubtedly begun to rise amongst athletes. However, you must remember not to get too far ahead of yourself, as coming into a season unprepared will put you in need of Sports rehabilitation on Long Island. To help avoid this from occurring, our team at Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management suggests going through an off-season conditioning program.  Taking the time to do so will help bring you multiple benefits.    

Avoid Common Spring Sports Injuries

Athletes who have decided to skip out on an off-season conditioning program are more likely to suffer from injuries at the start of the spring season than those who are already in shape. Starting the season off with an injury will lead to reduced athletic output, and can cost you the starting spot you had hoped to receive. By taking the time to condition yourself for your sport, you’ll be able to avoid these common spring sports injuries and the need for pain management in Suffolk County:

  • Achilles tendonitis.
  • Ankle sprains.
  • Patellofemoral syndrome (aka runner’s knee).
  • Plantar fasciitis.
  • Rotator cuff sprains/tears.

Better Performance With Sports rehabilitation on Long Island

One of the main benefits of off-season conditioning is that it typically leads to better athletic performance. Various parts of your body are put under large amounts of stress throughout the season. If your body is not equipped with the muscles and conditioning needed to handle this stress, you won’t be able to excel at your sport. Games can be lost and opportunities can be taken from you when you’re not playing at the highest level possible. By taking the off-season to train and eliminate any weaknesses in your game, you’ll be showing your coaches and teammates how committed you are to your craft while blowing your competition out of the water. 

Choosing To Cross-Train

To get the most out of their off-season conditioning, more athletes have attempted to cross-train. While you may think you should spend your time training in actions specific to your sport, this can end up doing more harm than good. If you choose to go down that route, certain muscle groups will become overworked while the rest of your body becomes weak. Cross-training can help eliminate this problem. By incorporating many different workouts into your conditioning regimen, you’ll ensure your entire body gets trained without overstraining any muscle groups. Off-season cross-training will go a long way in preventing injury and increasing your performance this upcoming spring.  

Sports Rehabilitation on Long Island

At Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management, our team knows that even after undergoing a rigorous off-season conditioning program, injuries can still come at any time.  Whether it be during your training, or at the start of the season, dealing with an injury can be devastating. That is why if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from one, our team should be your first call. Our doctors are capable of diagnosing your injury and determining which of our services for pain management in Suffolk County will be most beneficial to you. To limit the chances of an injury being season-ending, be sure to contact us today.