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How Does Pain Management Work?

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Chronic pain can be debilitating. Pain can make it difficult to sleep, concentrate, and enjoy your life. If you’re living with chronic pain, know that you are not alone. At Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management, we offer pain management in Suffolk County. If you are unfamiliar with this treatment, you may be wondering how it works. Continue reading to learn more about this form of treatment. 

Benefits of Injection Therapy

  • pain management in Suffolk County

Dealing with chronic pain can be unbearable at times. If every moment of your day is clouded by pain, it can drag you down. At Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management, one of the treatments we use to address chronic pain is injection therapy. Our staff understands the root causes of pain and we can properly diagnose and treat your condition. If you are looking for pain management in Suffolk County and want to learn if injection therapy is right for you, please contact a member of our team

What Is Trigger Point Therapy?


Trying to get through life with any form of pain and discomfort can be challenging to manage. Whether this issue is a chronic one, or you have just suffered a painful injury, our team at Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management is here to help. Should you fall into a specific category, we’ll provide you with trigger point therapy in Suffolk County to ease your pain and promote healing in the affected area. But what is trigger point therapy in Suffolk County, and how can it help? Our team has the answers to this question.

What Is Sciatica?

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Have you recently begun to deal with back pain? Does this pain radiate down one or both of your legs? If so, you could be dealing with sciatica. At Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management, we are well versed in treating this condition. Our Spine Specialist Long Island will provide you with the treatment methods needed to overcome this issue so you can get back to being pain-free.

Managing Back Pain From Home

Your back acts as a pillar of support for the rest of your body. When this area is filled with pain and discomfort, one’s quality of life is quickly diminished. Fortunately, our team at Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management has the knowledge and experience to help you limit this pain. For the best tips about at-home pain management in Suffolk County for your back, please consult with our expert pain management physicians.  

Proper Lifting Techniques

Whether you are doing an at-home workout or lifting heavy objects at home, make sure to do it the proper way to avoid hurting yourself. If you happen to pull your back out however, there are several ways to help fix this problem. Our multi-disciplinary team at Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management offers physical therapy in Islandia which can help treat any back pain you may be experiencing. While it is essential to learn the right techniques for lifting, injuries can be treated.. For more information on how to treat pain in your back and how to lift heavy objects the correct way, please feel free to contact us.

The Importance Of Conditioning In The Off-Season

How Can Sports rehabilitation on Long Island Help You?

With winter quickly coming to a close, the excitement levels for the spring sports season has undoubtedly begun to rise amongst athletes. However, you must remember not to get too far ahead of yourself, as coming into a season unprepared will put you in need of Sports rehabilitation on Long Island. To help avoid this from occurring, our team at Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management suggests going through an off-season conditioning program.  Taking the time to do so will help bring you multiple benefits.    

Why Do Doctors Send You To Pain Management?

Did you know that over 100 million adults in the United States experience chronic pain? When looking at it from a global perspective, this number skyrockets to over 1.5 billion. Spending a few minutes filled with pain can be difficult, so the team at Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management wants to stop chronic pain in its tracks. By coming in for a visit with one of our pain management doctors on Long Island, you’ll be able to achieve just that.

Physical Therapy for Kyphosis

What is Kyphosis?

If you or someone you know is in need of physical therapy in Islandia, our team at Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management is here to help you!

Kyphosis is described as a spinal disorder that causes an excessive outward curve of the spine, leading to an abnormal rounding of the upper back. This physical condition which results from kyphosis is commonly referred to as “round back” or in severe cases “hunchback.” A patient suffering from kyphosis may require a back brace or need to participate in exercises to improve their posture. In cases of higher severity, kyphosis patients may experience pain, major spinal deformity as well as breathing problems that may only be alleviated through the means of surgery.  

Holistic Approaches to Pain Management

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If you suffer from chronic pain, you are not alone as an estimated 1 in 5 Americans, or 50 million people, manage chronic pain daily. If you’re one of these many sufferers, and traditional treatment methods have not yielded much progress, Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management can be the perfect fit for you. Our team will offer various holistic methods for pain management in Suffolk County to increase your quality of life and reduce the pain.